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Information society services in Southeastern Europe as a means for money laundering

Tzivanaki, Androniki
The author examines the risks and possibilities of infringement on the EUs FATF directive as a result of new IT technologies being used within South-Eastern Europe. The lack of any clear anti-money laundering policies within most of the SEE states due to join the EU is seen as a primary reason why new IT technologies, and especially, internet banking can be exploited for the purpose of money laundering. As the fight against money laundering is primarily seen as a fight against organised crime and drug trafficking the political will of SEE state governments to follow and work with FATF directives and adapt legislation to maintain pace with internet and technology developments will be seen as critical to combating the money laundering problem.
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Contributor: The Southeast European Legal Development Initiative - http://www.seldi.net
Topic: Law and Justice
Country: Bulgaria
Document Type: Economic Analyses and Commentaries
Year: 2001
Keywords: Banking, EU Accession, Information Technology, Internet Banking, Money Laundering, Tax Evasion
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