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Spatial distribution of investment in Russia: the effect of agglomeration

Lapo, Valentina
When and where will there be an increase in investment activity? During transition the tendency has been for investment to concentrate in just a few regions. Is the agglomeration of production responsible for this tendency in the regional distribution of investment in Russian Federation? Do investment expectations influence production concentration and investment? Is it possible to alter the spatial concentration of investment that has developed during transition? These questions will be investigated within a macroeconomic model of the agglomeration process that includes investment expectations and the interregional mobility of investment. The author will test the agglomeration theory on Russian data, and empirically identify the influence of expectations on the spatial distributions of investment. The results will be used to develop proposals for regional investment policy.
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Contributor: Economics Education and Research Consortium - http://www.eerc.ru
Topic: Economy and Development
Country: Russia
Document Type: Economic Analyses and Commentaries
Year: 2002
Keywords: Investment, Regional Policy, Transition
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