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Anti-Revolutionary measures of the Post-Soviet regimes

Kechaqmadze, Mikheil
The GFSIS is pleased to e-publish a paper by Mikheil Kechaqmadze, an external scholar at the Foundation, entitled “Anti-Revolutionary Measures of the Post-Soviet Regimes.” Mr Kechaqmadze, who holds a B.A. in English and a M.A. in Political Science, researches and writes extensively on the process of democratisation in the post-Soviet region. From the introduction: In 2000-05, four post-Soviet leaders—Milosevic (Serbia, 2000), Shevardnadze (Georgia, 2003), Kuchma (Ukraine, 2004) and Akaev (Kyrgyzstan, 2005)—found themselves stripped of power as a result of a new political phenomenon, the electoral revolution. Surprisingly, in the mostly anarchical political world based upon sheer power and force, non-violent protests successfully overpowered the formidable tools available at the (semi)-authoritarian regimes’ disposal. In the enigma of the modern world, the roses have replaced guns and street demonstrations have replaced street fighting.
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Contributor: Georgian Foundation of Strategic and International Studies - http://www.gfsis.org
Topic: Culture and Civil Society
Country: CEE
Document Type: Political Analyses and Commentaries
Year: 2007
Keywords: Conflict Avoidance
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