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How do Schools in Old and New Member States of the EU Treat Minority Ethnic Youth and Shape their Performance?

Zentai, Violetta
Even before Europe started to face the tangible impacts of the current economic crisis, there was growing evidence of rising residential segregation, of interwoven social and ethnic separation, and of urban unrest coinciding with most tangible minority divisions.
There are major differences across the investigated countries in how early child care becomes accessible for minority families: Roma children and migrant children are usually highly affected by poor access to pre-school facilities or lack of trust in parent-school relations, although their attendance would be key to later school performance and inclusion.
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Contributor: Center for Policy Studies - http://cps.ceu.hu
Topic: Health and Education
Country: Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, United Kingdom
Document Type: Position Papers
Year: 2009
Keywords: Education Policy, Ethnicity, Minority Status, Roma
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