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The Economy of Bulgaria - January 2012

Center for Economic Development, Bulgaria
In the third quarter of 2011 economic growth was almost as in the second one. On an annual basis GDP increases by 2.3%, value added has increased by a little more – by 2.6%, the pace of remedies , however, significantly narrowed, and indicates a contraction in the positive effects of foreign trade, which was observed in the initial stages of recovery. Value added in the economy is relatively close to its highest pre-crisis level (by 2.6% below it), and because “Remedies” is lagging behind by 15.8% from its pre-crisis maximum. GDP for the third quarter of 2011 is by 4.4% below the pre-crisis maximum (fourth quarter of 2008).
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Contributor: Center for Economic Development - http://www.ced.bg
Topic: Economy and Development
Country: Bulgaria
Document Type: Economic Analyses and Commentaries
Year: 2012
Keywords: Agriculture, Banking, Capital Market, Economic Policy, Energy Policy, Environmental Policy, Public Finance, Regional Policy, Social Policy, Tourism, Transport
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