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GYÖNGYÖSPATA 2011. The laboratory of the Hungarian Far-Right. A case study of political mobilization and interethnic conflict

Feischmidt, Margit and Szombati, Kristof
The study principally seeks to uncover the antecedents, causes and consequences of the interethnic conflict that was precipitated by an unprecedented far-right mobilization campaign in the village of Gyöngyöspata in the spring of 2011. Although the conflict, which both expressed and reinforced animosity between Roma and non-Roma people, undeniably had a strong ethnic element, this study seeks to interpret the events of the ‘burning spring’ in relation to political and social processes on both the local and national level.
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Contributor: Ecopolis Foundation - http://www.okopolisz.eu/
Topic: Politics and Governance
Country: Hungary
Document Type: Social Analyses
Year: 2012
Keywords: Ethnicity,Political Parties,Roma,Social exclusion
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