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Central Europe fit for the future: Visegrad Group ten years aft er EU accession

Central European Policy Institute
Central Europe is one of the European Union’s most astounding success stories. Ten years after accession, the region speaks confidently for itself in Europe and in the wider world. Countries have built on their historical legacy of resilience and adaption to the jarring changes after 1989. Central Europe is now a growth engine for the wider EU economy. Thanks to the continued “catch-up” dynamic, consisting of lower wage costs, well trained labour force, healthier banking sector, and less public and private debt, our economies are expected to continue growing faster than Western Europe. The combined GDP of the four Visegrád Group countries already makes them the world’s 15th-biggest economy.
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Contributor: Central European Policy Institute - http://www.cepolicy.org/
Topic: Politics and Governance
Economy and Development
Country: EU, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic
Document Type: Policy Analyses
Year: 2014
Keywords: EU Enlargement, EU Policy, Regional Integration
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