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Three views of EITI implementation in Azerbaijan

Ibadoglu, Gubad and Mehtiyev, Azer and Agayev, Rovshan
The aim of this survey is to scrutinise the campaign by the government of Azerbaijan to a commitment by the extractive industry to transparency at company levels and to determine the level of participation in this campaign. It seeks to clarify the companies’ attitude to further initiatives and to investigate the companies’ attitude to the activity of the Azerbaijan government, including the implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. In addition it tries to identify awareness or level of competence of the extractive industry companies related to the NGO Coalition initiative. The survey takes the form of a questionnaire which was sent to major oil and gas producing companies. It was found, that although all of the companies surveyed joined the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative they are not interested in greater transparency of their activities to the public and all of them consider that reports on extractive sector revenue payments should remain largely confidential. While some companies did provide the public with all information on their activities some of those surveyed were reluctant to disclose most of the items. In addition to information regarding the responses to the questionnaire the paper provides an analysis of the outcomes of the survey for each individual company.
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Contributor: Economic Research Center - http://www.erc-az.org
Topic: Economy and Development
Country: Azerbaijan
Document Type: Economic Analyses and Commentaries
Year: 2006
Keywords: Accountability, Energy Policy, Natural Resources, NGO, Transparency
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