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Organized Crime in Bulgaria: Markets and Trends

Center for the Study of Democracy
The present report builds upon various studies published by the Center for the Study of Democracy throughout the last decade which have focused on specific aspects of organized crime in Bulgaria (contraband, the drug market, tax fraud, human trafficking, arms proliferation, etc.), the systemic spread of corruption, and the linkages between the two. The report presents the latest trends and manifestations (or “market niches”) of syndicate crime and its particularly damaging effects. It goes further to offer a historical review of the facts and available expertise in the area, and to draw conclusions about the origin, characteristics and developmental features of organized criminality in Bulgaria in the context of the transition to democracy.
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Contributor: Center for the Study of Democracy - http://www.csd.bg
Topic: Economy and Development
Country: Bulgaria
Document Type: Economic Analyses and Commentaries
Year: 2007
Keywords: Organised Crime, Corruption
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