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The system of disability benefits in Russia. Estimation of targeting accuracy

Merkuryeva, Irina
This paper investigates the accuracy of targeting in the system of disability benefits in Russia. It describes the principles of benefit provision and compares disability benefits to other sources of social security. Possible approaches to disability measurement are discussed, following by the analysis of disability determinants under different definitions of disabled population. The estimates of targeting accuracy are suggested based on the comparison of self-reported health conditions and status in the social security system. The impact of selected individual, household and infrastructure characteristics on the probability of belonging to the three different groups in the system — complying, abusing benefits and refusing from participation — is investigated.
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Contributor: Economics Education and Research Consortium - http://www.eerc.ru
Topic: Health and Education
Country: Russia
Document Type: Economic Analyses and Commentaries
Year: 2007
Keywords: Healthcare, Housing, Problem of the disabled, Social Exclusion
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