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How different are the sources of unemployment of Ukrainian regions?

Bizyaev, Vadim and Smal', Valentina
There are large spatial differences in unemployment within Ukraine. For example, it ranged from 0.15 percent for Illichivsk (Odesska obl) to more than 14 percent for Chernigivskiy rayon (Zaporizka obl.) in 2006. Regions within a country may have different sources and structure of unemployment (e.g., some regions may have a high natural rate of unemployment, while others may suffer from a recent cut in local labor demand) and need different kinds of regional policies. This paper aims at decomposing of regional unemployment rates in Ukraine and distinguishing areas with high natural, structural or demand-driven unemployment. Such decomposition helps targeting regions with policies designed for a specific type of unemployment.
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Contributor: Economics Education and Research Consortium - http://www.eerc.ru
Topic: Economy and Development
Country: Ukraine
Document Type: Economic Analyses and Commentaries
Year: 2009
Keywords: Labor Market, Social Policy
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