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Decentralization: experiments and reforms

Horvath, Tamas
Chapter 1: Tamas M. Horvath - Directions and differences of local changes
Chapter 2: Sulev Maeltsemees - Local government in Estonia
Chapter 3: Edvins Vanags and Inga Vilka - Local government in Latvia
Chapter 4: Aruna Beksta and Algirdas Petkevicius - Local government in Lithuania
Chapter 5: Andrzej Kowalczyk - Local government in Poland
Chapter 6: Karel Lacina and Zdena Vajdova - Local Government in the Czech Republic
Chapter 7: Juraj Nemec, Peter Bercik and Peter Kuklis - Local government in Slovakia
Chapter 8: Istvan Temesi - Local government in Hungary
Chapter 9: Stanka Setnikar-Cankar, Stane Vlaj and Maja Klun - Local government in Slovenia
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Contributor: Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative - http://lgi.osi.hu
Topic: Politics and Governance
Country: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia
Document Type: Policy Analyses
Year: 2000
Keywords: Local Government Reform, Local Self Government
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